It is very black and white…

Jack Hayward Photo

For those who know me I love photography. I don’t have much patience for using a DSLR even though I have one.  I’m probably what you would call a lazy photographer with a good eye! Instagram is my favourite and so addictive. Point and shoot has always been my approach only due to lack of patience I guess. But somehow managed to get the image I wanted in a split second.  More than anything it’s just good fun!

Understandably throughout my media career I have met some amazing photographers.  More recently in my local town Penarth, I have had the honour of working alongside some amazingly talented photographers.  Jon Turtle ( and Nick Treharne (www, are favourites of mine who I will be interviewing for Lynchpin later this Summer.

However, one particular ‘new kid on the block’ photographer, who I am excited to be working with is Jack Hayward.  He uses traditional film and shoots in black and white – his work is both creative and dramatic in equal measures.

Jack kindly agreed to be interviewed for the blog.  I was most keen to hear about how this young entrepreneur faces the challenges of starting a new business with little funds in a very competitive industry.

Jack – the happy chap!

Why did you start a photography business? 

I started my business as more of a hobby and a passion of mine. I was broke after travelling and had some snaps I had done along the way for fun. It’s a dream of mine to do a hobby of mine as work. It’s not really work then if I enjoy it !

Do you have a best and worst moment since starting the business? 
The best moment so far is very hard to choose there’s been so many great moments. I think hearing back from an online magazine saying they would run a feature is a big one for me, I had sent off multiple emails and put in a lot of work and for that moment it was definitely worth it all! The worst moment is looking at my bank account after paying out for more photos to be developed and when I have to buy more film.the numbers on my account decrease quickly!
Who inspires you and why? 
Some major inspirations to me are some outstanding photographers and artists to me ! Including Chris Burkard , Brooks Sterling, Dali and Ryan Heywood just to name a few these guys I follow on Instagram (not Dali!) and on other social media platforms which include a lot of what inspires them and there own work. A lot of the photographs capture they’re passions through their photographs including the passions of my own including the surf and skate industry. Dali on the other hand and including a couple of other surrealists such as Picasso inspire me as they took what we saw as art and turned it in to something else with different angles shapes and expressions. I hope to be able to achieve this through my photography and capture something no ones seen before.
Any recent success stories? 
Hmm success… Not sure that’s the right word for me at the moment! Although to get so far with my business. I would say just constantly going at it  by sending off emails, visiting places, messaging people, snapping photos and just carrying on with a positive attitude. Networking is a major one for me and without the people who I’ve talked to met and been inspired by I wouldn’t be where I am right now!
Any business goals for the rest of this year? 
My 2015 business goals currently are to sell some work, get hired to work and hopefully reach more people with my work!
Any tips for other young entrepreneurs? 
My top 3 tips for someone starting their own business is to ask as many questions and gather as much advice as you can from people in the field you want to go in to. You can never have enough information it’s just filtering what works for you.
Never underestimate yourself or give up, perseverance is key it’s going to be tough and take time but it will be worth it in the end (I’m still in the perseverance stage!) Keep on networking you can never have enough contacts within the field you want to get in to. Build relationships and you will meet some amazing and inspiring people along the way whilst making great friends.
Do you manage to achieve a work/life balance ? 
Yes and my secret to my work to life balance is to stay focused when you need to and being able to switch off. So splitting the day up when I have spare time I meet up with good friends or family to relax.
Organisation is a big one for me I’m already organised and have everything sorted before hand in advance as possible. This makes things a lot less stressful. Getting things done as efficient to keep everything going as smoothly as it can. Don’t panic if it doesn’t go to plan though!
At the same time though you need to make time for yourself amongst socialising  with others and working.
Life can get noisy and you need some head space so I tend to do yoga as regularly as I can or doing a form of exercise where I can really escape in to my own head and keep fit. This can take different forms for different people though so what ever gives you your head space fit an hour or two in to your day.


Jack Hayward

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