Do Breathe 

A book review…

Do Do Breathe…

Whilst trying to learn how to slow down, relax and be patient with myself to ‘just breathe’ calmly I received a book called Do Breathe by Michael Townsend Williams
I was intrigued by the author particularly as he had worked in the same industry to me – advertising! My experience of working in the media is both exhilarating and demanding in equal measures especially if you are addicted to the buzz like me


I for one struggle with going slow. I’m sure I have go faster stripes tattooed to my ankles…


Once I have turned the front cover of Do Breathe the words infiltrated my mind so intensely I was almost horizontal


I couldn’t believe the calmness I felt and wanted to jump in amongst the sentences and immerse myself into the Do Breathe mantra


Having inhaled in one sitting, sometimes re reading some paragraphs as I wanted the words to stick in my mind forever. This breathing thing was actually quite liberating!


This book is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to breathe better, find peace and understand the basics of mindfulness.


Here are the 3 key essentials that I learnt:


– it’s good to have a regular fortnightly meeting with yourself. To check you are on track with the goals you have set for yourself. I noticed that I actually achieved more than I had planned and this gave me a good sense of calm.


– meditation is not good for you it’s essential!


– breathing is good for the soul and learning how to breathe correctly is key for good mindfulness and wellbeing


I for one could read this book on a monthly basis. It would keep me in check for appreciating the slower way of living and that it’s ok to take time out. I’m a busy Mumpreneur and tend to have Go Faster stripes tattooed to my forehead so Michaels book has been the medicine I’ve needed to recognise life will go on regardless if you work 39 or 99 hours a week. However we only have one body to last out lifestyle so we best take the time to look after it


Do Breathe – Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done

Go breathe and enjoy the relaxation!

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