Do Pause!!

If like me you love what you do but don’t have a pause button then maybe it’s time we started to invest some time in ourselves?!
I’ve decided to blog and share with you what being a Lynchpin is all about. I want to write about what #lynchpinloves and I guess I’m hoping that dedicating more time to my blog will help me chill out!
Help me realise that even though I love what I do that I don’t have to do it 24/7!

I’m not going to blog daily or update this blog with lots of boring business articles, facts and statistics – yuch! who wants to read about all that stuff?!
I merely plan to update you on some cool and interesting stuff that I come across each week…
Whether it be an inspirational quote or a cool conversation I’ve had with someone who has told me a great story – because we all love a great story.

It could be a photo I’ve taken whilst out and about meeting my clients or whilst having lunch with my friends – because I just LOVE taking photos!
I want to be able to recommend good books, films, podcasts and music that I have found made me smile and just maybe they may help cheer you up if you’re having a bad day…

I want to share some creative media ideas for business and useful tips on how you could inject some energy into your business that won’t cost you lots of cash
Basically, I just want to share some happy stuff with you. I want to help you because I can!!
I would like you to contact me if you have a business problem or a business idea that you need to share, maybe you don’t know where to start in launching your new business idea or you have arrived at a bit of a crossroads. So share it with me and see if I can help you with it! Guess what ? If I can’t I will know someone who could. That’s what being a Lynchpin is all about!

I meet so many amazing and inspirational people every day. It could be a business woman, a grandfather, a chef or a cleaner, someone who is overwhelmed in starting their own business or someone who has achieved major success in their life… No matter who they are they all inspire me and it’s a great feeling. Lots of amazing people inspire me and I want to inspire you!

So come on this journey with me, if anything I hope I can bring a smile to your face or at least offer you a little advice and guidance when you need a little motivation or possibly some inspiration for your business. What have you got to lose?

Have a great day and remember….You are a Badass!!
Great book… I highly recommend it…

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