The story behind the story…

I am fascinated to hear all about what the real stories are behind so many different brands from my local town of Penarth to those as far a field in Byron Bay, Australia

I want to hear about what was it that inspired these brave individuals to start their businesses in the first place. Why they decided to set up a business and what the actual goal was and if they had a plan and actually stuck to it?!

Throughout my 20 year career in the media,  I don’t think there is one story about a business start up that hasn’t inspired me or at least given me hope.

Sure I have met some truly inspirational entrepreneurs but more than anything I have been intrigued by the regular guys and girls who decided enough was enough, quit their job and followed their dream of being their own boss.

Theoughout 2017 I am going to take you on a journey via the medium of social media, blog posts, magazine features and 1 minute films to document as many ‘stories behind the story’

My list of who to interview is endless and I’m positive there are some unbelievable stories to be told.

But I need your help if you are as intrigued as me about such untold stories and you are on social media please follow me on @LynchpinW and use the hashtag #storybehindthestory

Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message if you would like to be involved in this campaign. Whether you have an interesting story or you know of someone who has a cool story to tell – go on please tell me about it.

I want this to be a truly local global adventure and I cannot wait to get started…

Catch up with you soon



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