Do you need help and encouragement to take the leap to start a new business?

Have you been running your business for a few months but at a crossroads but need some direction to get your business back on track?

Do you require assistance to find and attract new clients?

Are you frustrated with your lack of motivation to push forward with your business?

Do you struggle to find the time to write content and come up with ideas for your marketing campaigns?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions I guarantee you will benefit from a Lynchpin membership


I’ll help you…

To generate and activate creative ideas.

To remove the stress when it comes to planning your sales & marketing strategies

To support you with an endless list of content ideas for your social media, website, blog and advertising campaigns.

To help promote your brand through the power of public relations and liaise with the media on your behalf

To help with ideas on how to generate new revenue streams

To network on your behalf and be your brand ambassador

To manage your brand photography

I can also be your accountability coach 

I will work with you and the budgets you can afford at a pace you are happy with.


THE GOOD MEMBERSHIP – £50 per month

1 x half hour introduction phone call

Start Up Idea MOT  – an overview of your business idea to test if it is roadworthy so to speak.  I’ll be digging deep into what is the purpose of your business idea?  What do you offer? What is your unique selling point? Does your business add value? How are you promoting the brand? What business challenges are you up against? etc

5 x creative marketing solutions which will help you reach your target audience

1 x half hour zoom call to discuss new ideas and business challenges

1 x Courier magazine

Once you’ve enjoyed the GOOD membership and it’s delivered results we shall discuss the BETTER and the BEST memberships – caution…you’ll love it and have lots of fun!

So what’s next?

Let’s connect! Don’t be shy, email or call me. I’ll answer any queries you may have about how I can help you, we can discuss the membership packages and I can tell you more about the 121 coaching sessions I offer.


t: 07817628442

i: @tanyalynchpin