Lynchpin Locations

I am an expert locations and talent scout for the photography, tv & film industry within Wales

As a locations scout based in the Vale of Glamorgan, I find locations, venues, property and people best suited for a particular scene or production within any corner of Wales.

I guarantee I can find whatever it is you’re looking for within budget and on time.

This is a recent review from one of my media clients

” I have employed Tanya in a producer and locations manager role on filming and photographic projects for over 5 years. She has a real talent in gaining fantastic results arranging models, finding locations, sourcing suitable props and often at very short notice for our productions. Tanya is my go to in Wales and her network knows no bounds as she is very well connected in all four corners of Wales. She is able to wear numerous hats at once and amazes me with her problem solving and multi tasking skill sets. Clients can be demanding and budgets tight, Tanya takes all this in her stride and helps me and my team deliver campaigns that we are proud of”.