A woman who means business…

Sometimes you get lucky and find a talented hairdresser, one who makes you feel like a million dollars and one you can trust implicitly. Luckily for me I have known and managed to keep my adventurous hairdresser for over 10 years.

Not only has Michelle been one of the most dynamic hairdressers I’ve known but she is also a fabulous friend and a wonderfully creative business woman.  At my last hair appointment I managed to interview her about why she started her own business and what she has learnt along the way.

 Michelle Marshall 

Why did you start this business?
I previously ran a studio within a local beauty salon, I was there for 3 years and within this time the business developed really quickly until I struggled to fit the volume of guest referrals I was getting in.
I realised there was a real need to have a hair salon that really did focus on making women look and feel beautiful. Creating a great hair cut and colour that works for them and their lifestyle. One that is individual not run of the mill in an environment that is designed for them to relax, none threatening, happy, friendly, approachable but remaining totally professional.
It took 6 months for a unit to become available in the location I knew I wanted! But thankfully it did and in March this year (2015) we opened Michelle Marshall Salon. With the extra space I could employee two more stylists and by the end of the year I aim to employ another stylist and apprentice.
What has been the best and most challenging moments to date?
The best moment is seeing my plans that were in my head for so long be put into action. Receiving positive feedback from guests that their experience of the salon meets their expectations and of course they’ve had a great hair cut /colour from the team.
Honestly, I’m mostly challenged by myself!
Having enough time in the day to do everything I want to!
I’ve learnt to plan less and deliver more,  plus allow others to help and aim for progress not perfection!!
   The Michelle Marshall Salon team

Who inspires you and why?
There are lots of people that inspire me from a business point of view and a creative aspect! It would have to be… Anna Winter Chief Editor Vogue USA
I think she is amazing!!
Her strength & determination to maintain the brands integrity through flourishing, lucrative & some really tough times. Constantly and consistently empowering the readership on how to elevate themselves. Inspiring and maintaining the ethos that beauty and fashion is achieveable for everyone.
I also have to mention this man who inspires me tremendously from a creative point of view…Alexander McQueen
I was lucky enough to be 1 out of 150 people who had a private viewing of his savage beauty exhibition at the V&A London, to celebrate his life!
His work is breathtaking, uplifting, thought provoking and emotional.  He plays with all your senses through his art. He used very talented creative people like Philip Treacy and Guido Palau to help translate his work. What I loved the most was that he challenged and pushed the creative boundaries.
I use his work a lot in research for concepts for the salon from how we can make guests feel comfortable about their salon experience through to ideas for shows and photo shoots.
What are your 2015 business goals?
Increase our brand profile in our local area

Grow and develop our online presence

Develop an education strategy for the team
What are your top 3 tips for anyone thinking of starting their own business?
Plan out your business ideas, test it out first possibly small scale with little outlay, analyse the results. If it doesn’t work on paper or in research don’t do it, find another idea.
Location, location, location… it sounds cliched but making sure the location you pick is a match for your brand is so important!
Don’t get side tracked by other peoples options, you’ve done your homework, you have strong ideas of how you want your brand concept to develop, so stick to it !
What is your secret to a good work/life balance?
I’m a bit of a workaholic so I really do have to be strict and schedule time in my diary for not working.
Sunday morning run is my regular with the girls getting out in the fresh air talking about everything and anything that’s not work orientated.  Yoga once a week makes me relax and think!
Myself and my husband go out regularly for coffee or dinner to talk! It’s really important to connect with your family that support you with your business, without my family I couldn’t do what I do, they push me on and believe in me and what I do.
A city break in a luxury hotel with a spa at least 3 times a year not only makes me escape my business but I’m also looking at what other businesses are doing amazingly that
we could implement into our business

12 Beulah Road



CF14 6LX


029 2061 1566 

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